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Ford Crown Victoria crown vic bad ass

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badass crown vic

Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Crown Vic same bolt pattern as a Mustang? JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Nov 11, 6, 1, 40 Northern KY. Real quick question Can you put Mustang wheels on a Crown Vic and Vic wheels on a 'stang? Mar 31, 2 0. Hickfied Member. Nov 9, 0 16 31 Morganton, NC www.

Breaking Into Police Car Looking For Guns! Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor Round 2

Ford cars should havea 4. If the lug count is the same, it should bolt right up.

Used Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport for Sale

Jun 21, 1, 12 49 38 Orlando, FL. Panther Platform cars run the same bolt pattern, but also run a front wheel drive offset. Thanks duh! Jul 20, 4 0 0. Someone Beat you to it. Il find the pic, it looks pretty good. Here's a better shot for those interested. Reed New Member. Mar 31, 78 0 0 34 BC, Canada www. Reed said:. I guess nobody has done this because i've asked around a few other places and nobody has a clue. PoopDawg said:. I guess you didn't read my post. I know because they are a total bitch to find wheels for.

It can be done.La Palma Avenue Ste. A Anaheim, CA Seton is super knowledgeable and an all around good guy. Her first Crown Victoria saved her life. Her and her son were in a horrible accident and both walked away from the accident due to the safety of driving a Crown Victoria. I recommend that all my fellow devil dogs do business with them. They appreciate us, and it shows!

Tristen Joyner P71 for an Army of One! Another Happy Customer!!! To Steve, Words cannot express how much you have helped me and made it so easy to purchase a Crown Vic from you.

Before I found your website, I have been searching for a P71 Police Interceptor for quite some time, because of the strenuous driving that I do everyday.

I had heard that these vehicle? Once I found your website I was stoked because for one, I actually knew the area your lot was located and after looking at your inventory, you had exactly what I was looking for.


After talking with you on the phone, I had to see this vehicle for myself. Once I stepped onto your lot and spoke with you, I felt like I was at home. Most car dealerships make you uneasy and I never felt that way with you at all.

You went through step-by-step on everything about the vehicle I wanted to purchase and after seeing your office with all the business cards and pictures, I felt that not just regular people, but business company? I was hooked and had to get the vehicle. But, I also had a few setbacks that were hindering me from getting the vehicle and after explaining my situation, you helped me get financed and into the driver seat of a great vehicle.

No hassle whatsoever! I can? Also, I am currently serving in the United States Military and to all my fellow veterans, if you want a safe, rough and tough, and reliable vehicle, this is the place to go.

Besides personal use, it is ideal for military duty as well hauling gear, hauling soldiers, etc? Once again Steve, Thank you for everything.

I have a feeling my Police interceptor will not let me down! Jeremy on the scene! I shoot video for the news at night and needed both a good reliable vehicle and a stealthy car to blend in and able to hold all my cameras, radios, and equipment. I emailed Seton and he called the next day informing me of his financing options.

I made a trip to the lot and picked out the right Crown Vic for me and test drove it, I fell in love with it immediately! Seton and Deana were nothing but friendly and easy to work with. My whole experience with them was wonderful and hassle free!

I felt like I was working with friends that really care about the customer and their needs.


You guys are great and that Crown Vic helped me countless times with where I need to go safely and in a hurry! Not to mention I never have panhandlers harassing me for change at the gas station they were always turning around when I pull up! I never had a single problem with that vehicle and Seton is a very good person I consider a friend!Victoria is a female name, and it is pronounced vic-tor-ee-ah. The male equivalent is Victorious or Victor.

badass crown vic

Regardless of the spelling variation, the nickname still sounds the same. If you have a child or family member or friend named Victoria, it is only right to seek a worthy nickname. Vicky is a common nickname for Victoria. In this article, we will list other short, cute, and funny Victoria nicknames.

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Leave a Comment Cancel reply Comment. Nicknames For. Type of Nickname. Average Build. Top Trending names. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More Got It! Necessary Always Enabled.However this year of car has a common problem of headlight failure due to the lighting control module.

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If you are going to buy one of these cars make sure the headlights work! Also about a week after buying this car with k miles on it the shocks that hold the hood open failed and now it slowly shuts the hood down so u have to hold it up with your hands. Also when pulling the lever to open the hood it doesn't open the hood all the way and u have to pry it open with something just to unlock the latch.

Make sure you inspect it good b4 buying. I cannot say enough about the Crown Victoria.

badass crown vic

I bought my two years ago with k on the clock. Since then, the only non-maintenance items I've had to replace was driveshaft u-joints, and a cooling fan. Today, the car sits atmiles. This thing can take a serious beating and not even care! It's super comfortable. The ultimate highway car! Crazy amounts of torque! Most passing maneuvers don't even require a down shift. Parts are really really cheap and easy to find. Largest trunk in the universe! What's not to like?

Well the gas mileage is meh, but you should expect that coming into it. This car is great value for the money, especially used; that's if you find the perfect one. Now, this being a police version, it does ride a lot firmer than the standard car, but since the seats are so comfortable, it almost doesn't matter.

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Being a police spec car also means that it gets all the powertrain improvements over even the LX Sport. I was even lucky enough to get one with matching seats.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Ok guys, I'm a major D A with the fords and am sure it has been covered, but what is the best way to lower my ride?

Thanks Mike. I believe those are I beam front suspension Most manufactures such as belltech, groundforce, hotchkis have discontinued they're I beam line Rear should be as easy as a dearch on the leaf ShelbyStangJul 16, Nice truck MattilacJul 16, How low are we talking?

How low do you want to go? You wont be able to tuck those wheels in with that front axle. I know they have Mustang II kits out there for that year truck the trucks with front axle.

I have a 65 F the 1st year of the twin I-beam and could not find a lower suspension kit for it this was 5 yrs ago. I wanted to go to the ground and lay frame with hydro's, so I grafted in a 71 Camaro front suspension.

I have a pic of my truck on my profile. Last edited: Jul 16, Frank Dog, your 65 its always been one of my favorite Ford trucks,its simple yet so rad!

Ive got a dropped I beam on mine. Dont do the IFS unless you want bags but if you just want a few inches then do the dropped beam. Besides I beams are cool as shit and you want it to soemwhat look original right???

Ive had both set ups with my truck and now with the C notch and more travel its good. Youre truck is super cleran tooInside the well-worn mini-mart, the two cops assigned to the Dodges were contemplating the relative virtues of Pure Leaf and Gold Peak iced teas. We were surprised. The Charger looks good in police livery, and it is relatively new, certainly compared with the ancient Ford Crown Victoria.

Why are police officers pining for them? Are there still Crown Vic cop cars on the road? Fast forward two months.

Out of a total fleet of approximately patrol vehicles, Crown Vics now number only about Showing just 63, The car was painted black, but the dealer sprayed white paint onto the front doors and roof. Push bars, flashing lights, and a siren were bolted on. Close enough.

badass crown vic

Once General Motors stopped production of the Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 police car inthe Crown Vic was basically alone in the cop-car market, a position it then enjoyed for 15 years. Ford produced the last Crown Victoria on September 15,almost a year after Unit rolled off the Saint Thomas line. The CHP, like most law-enforcement agencies, buys the vehicle that meets its performance parameters at the lowest price. If anything, the Panther-platform cars were agonizingly ordinary when they made their debut for the model year.

Both have tremendous isolation from road shock. Both are quiet, soft-riding, and limousine-like. Not surprisingly, both are of body-and-frame construction with plenty of rubber isolation. The first Panthers had one notable virtue, a feature that became much prized by the law-enforcement community. Walker has lollygagging in the left lane at about 70 mph, the car floating across I The windows of a Ford Mustang drop down as we come up behind it.